Havasupai Permits are so hard to get

Havasupai is an amazing location where clear blue pools and waterfalls are in abundance. This desert oasis is found in Arizona, near the Grand Canyon. Have you ever tried booking permits to go there? It's super tough and causes you to lose your hair and go crazy. Here are a few of the things people say while trying to book permits to Havasupai. #SeekOutTheAdventure

Total Solar Eclipse

I stood on the shore of Idaho's Egin Lakes, surrounded by sand dunes, watching the eclipse with my family. With a pair of eclipse glasses taped to the end of my lens and my heavy camera perched up on a flimsy gorilla pod, I would press the shutter button every 1-2 minutes. The end result, after stitching the selected photos together, is this gratifying image of the eclipse sequence...reaching complete totality.