ugly christmas ornaments

Ugly Christmas Ornaments

It is amazing to see what kind of Christmas tree ornaments exist out there. I can't believe that some of them would even be thought of, let alone made.

Last weekend, we were invited to a Christmas party at a friends house where we had a while elephant gift exchange. The rules for this exchange was that the gift had to be a tree ornament and you have to decorate your tree with the one you win.

The ending result when all the gifts were open was a slew of some of the nastiest ornaments I have ever seen...all captured and displayed in the above photo. Jennilyn and I were the lucky winners of the energy snack garland and the Jacob fron Twilight ornament.

Maybe I've found a new holiday tradition. I think I might start giving ugly ornaments to those I love as a humorous gift for Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone.