Quickdraws At Dawn

In this humble video we tested out our new GoPro Hero 4 Black along with some fun attachments that allow us to capture some fun angles while climbing. Looking forward to using these new tools for future video. 

We (Eli Kerr, Christian Weaver, and Benjamin Eaton) met at the mouth of American Fork Canyon at 5:30 am on a weekday to get in a few pitches before heading to work. We climbed at the Membrane wall and focused on getting pumped and climbing through it.

In this video you see us climbing in the Cypher Modulo shoes and clipping into the Cypher Firefly quickdraws.

Produced by e10 Pitches

Lunar Ecstasy

Abraham Shreve and I spent 48 hours aid-climbing the notorious Lunar Ecstasy in Zion National Park, UT.

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For being my second ever aid route, I found that Lunar Ecstasy was a bit hard for me to bite into. It was right outside of my experience, but well within my reach. I guess there’s never a bad time to raise the bar. Once again we took it slow and ended up sleeping two nights on the wall. I must say, there sure is something amazing about sleeping on a nylon platform that is suspended on the side of a 1,200-foot cliff.

Video: Rebel Yell

A few of us from work have been hitting up Big Cottonwood Canyon after work on Thursdays and getting a bunch of climbing in. I'm really enjoying that canyon. The climbing is accessible, fun, and bolted.

Michael Portanda takes a lap up Rebel Yell for the first time in Big Cottonwood Canyon, UT. This route is located on the Psycobabble Wall in the Storm Mountain Picnic area where a lot of great rock climbing exists.