Rock Climbing Resume

Climbing Resume

During the latter half of February, I was inspired and excited to apply for a spot on the newly formed Trango Grassroots Athlete Team. Even though I only climb 3 times a week and my hardest redpoint on a sport route is a 5.12c, I went for the opportunity anyways. However, due to an unfortunate S.N.A.F.U., the email containing my application materials was never sent and sat for a week in my draft folder before I found it and fainted. I didn't really faint, but I was sickened with this discovery that crushed my hope for joining the team.

Although all my hard work was for nothing, I did enjoy the process of preparing some of the application materials. One of the thing I had to do, beside selling and promoting myself as a climber, was to provide a climbing resume. I've created thousands of professional resumes, but never for climbing. It was an interesting and fun project. Not only did I have to figure out what format and content belonged on a resume of that caliber, but I also had to reflect on my last 11 years of climbing.

Looking back. Making lists of all the locations that I've climbed. Listing my notable climbs and trips. While I fought back the feelings of being conceded for making such lists, I couldn't help but to remember all the good times with my wife and climbing partners with each item I added to the lists. The coolest thing that happend while I drafted my climbing resume was that I got to remember how many friendships were created just because of the sport of rock climbing. This sport has lead me to so many life-long friendships, even marriage, that each route that I've climbed and each trip that I've taken has a story that involves a friend that I'm most likely still in contact with.

So I'd like to share with you all my wanna-be Rock Climbing Resume. (If you were with me during any of these noted occasions, please shout out a memory you have from it in the comment section.)

-Last Updated March 20, 2012

Climbing Ability
  • Actively climbing since 2001, started climbing in 1998
  • Climbing preference: 1- Sport 2- Trad 3- Bouldering
  • Routinely lead 5.12+ sport routes and 5.11+ trad routes
  • Consistently climb 3+ times a week with a full time job, wife, and two boys
  • Effective coach and instructor to my peers
  • Motivated ambassador and advocate of the sport
  • Enthusiastic climbing photographer and videographer

Notable Climbing Accomplishments
  • Founded the Idaho Mountain Festival, Idaho’s newest and only 4-day climbing festival.
  • Founded The Chalk Pot, an social media hub for climbing related content
  • Spent 2.5 months touring the western states and climbing everyday
  • Spear headed weekly and bi-weekly climbing sessions in every climbing community that I’ve lived in.
  • Introduced over 50 people to climbing and helped many current climbers gain a stronger passion for the sport.
  • Planned annual climbing gatherings and trips for large groups of friends.
  • Took 2nd place overall at the Pocatello Pump climbing competition 3 years in a row and 2nd place overall at the Regional Rock Walls speed climbing competition.

Notable Climbs
  • Bolt Ladder - 5.12c, Sport, 1 pitch: China Cave Right, Logan, UT - 2012. Redpoint.
  • Snipe Hunter – 5.12c, Sport, 1 pitch: Lime Creek, Basalt, CO – 2011. Redpoint.
  • Dark Justice – 5.12b, Sport, 1 pitch: Heise Rock, Ririe, ID – 2009. Redpoint. 
  • Jumanji - 5.12a, Sport, 1 pitch: Black and Tan Wall, St George, UT – 2010. Redpoint.
  • Butterfly Crack – 5.11c, Trad, 1 pitch: Trashcan Rock, Joshua Tree National Park, CA. Redpoint.
  • Comp Splitter - 5.11b, Trad, 1 pitch: Comp Wall, Castle Rocks, ID - 2012. Redpoint.
  • Moonlight Buttress – 5.9 C1 V, Trad/Aid, 10 pitches: Zion National Park, UT – 2011. Swapping leads.
  • Baxters Pinnacle – 5.9 I, Trad/Alpine, 5 pitches: Grand Teton National Park, WY – 2006. Redpoint swapping leads.
  • Owen Spalding – 5.4 II, Trad/Alpine, 3 pitches: Grand Teton National Park, WY – 2004. 14 hours car to car.

Locations Climbed
UTAH – Indian Creek- Monticello, UT; Zion National Park Springdale, UT; Mill Creek- Moab, UT; Logan Canyon- Logan, UT; Maple Canyon- Fountain Green, UT; The Cathedral- St George, UT; Wall Street- Moab, UT; Big Bend Boulders- Moab, UT; Big Cottonwood Canyon- Salt Lake City, UT; Little Cottonwood Canyon- Salt Lake City, UT; Ferguson Canyon- Salt Lake City, UT; School Room- Ogden, UT; Ogden Canyon- Ogden, UT; Echo Canyon- Echo, UT; St. George Area- St George, UT; Snow Canyon- St George, UT; Woodbury Rd Crags- St George, UT

IDAHO – City of Rocks- Almo, ID; Castle Rocks- Almo, ID; Teton Canyon- Driggs, ID; Darby Canyon- Driggs, ID; Massacre Rocks- American Falls, ID; The Fins- Howe, ID; Heise Rock- Ririe, ID; Paramount- Ririe, ID; Midget Widget- Ririe, ID; South Park- Ririe, ID; Weeping Cave- Palisades, ID; Box Canyon- Howe, ID; Ross Park- Pocatello, ID; Blackfoot Canyon- Blackfoot, ID; Derkies Lake- Twin Falls, ID; Black Cliffs- Boise, ID

COLORDAO – Rifle Mountain Park- Rifle, CO; Lime Creek- Basalt, CO; Independence Pass Boulders- Aspen, CO; Thompson Creek- Carbondale, CO; Redstone Boulders- Redstone, CO; The Narrows- Redstone, CO; The Frying Pan- Basalt, CO; Poux- Glenwood Springs, CO; No Name Canyon- Glenwood Springs, CO

WYOMING – Teton National Park- Moose, WY; Wild Iris- Lander, WY; Hoback Shield and Rodeo Wall- Jackson Hole, WY

CALIFORNIA – Joshua Tree National Park- Joshua Tree, CA