Liberty Mountain

My Job

I sometimes cringe when the first question a new acquaintance asks me is, “So what do you do for work?” Actually, it’s usually the third question; right after “What’s your name?” and “Where are you from?” It seems as though we define each other based on the answers from these three questions. I don’t like that.

It’s not that I’m ashamed of what I do as a profession, it’s just that I’d rather spend the first moments with someone explaining how I am a Christian, a father, a husband, even a rock climber. I might even tell them that I am a wannabe videographer and photographer. I’ve always considered my job to be the thing that funds my lifestyle, not define it.

Now that I’ve griped about that, let me eat my words and say that I have found a true dream job with a dream company that fits my personality and interestes. It not only funds my lifestyle, but it also enhances my passions. I am the Communications Specialist at Liberty Mountain.

Liberty Mountain is one of the largest wholesale distributors of outdoor and climbing gear. What’s a wholesale distributor? We act as the middle-man that traffics the gear from the manufacturers to the retailers. Instead of a retail store dealing with a different sales rep from each manufacturer, they deal with one of our sales reps to order products from hundreds of different companies.

As the communications specialist, I handle the media relations, social marketing, and content marketing for the company and for some of the over-seas brands that we exclusively represent in the U.S. In addition to that, I am also the project manager for Liberty Mountain’s presence at the bi-annual Outdoor Retailer Show.

Media Relations? Social Marketing? Content Marketing? Outdoor Retailer? What on earth does all this jargon mean? Let me give you a visual. (At anytime, feel free to click one of the photos to view them all in a large slideshow.)

I focus on getting information about our gear published in industry magazines by feeding them with press releases and gear samples for gear reviews and guides.
I manage a handful of social media accounts: 5 Facebook, 1 Google+, 1 Twitter, 1 Pinterest, and an account on both YouTube and Vimeo.

I write for two blogs where I post gear reviews, press releases, and trip reports from my co-workers: Everything For The Outdoors and Liberty Mountain Climbing.

I get to help out with the copy writing for the gear descriptions and essays in our two annual catalogs.

As the company’s Outdoor Retailer project manager, I coordinate the logistics of setting up our 40’ x 90’ tradeshow booth that displays loads of gear from some of our core manufactures.

Sometimes I get to go out and test the gear. Sometimes I even get to act like a model while someone takes my picture.

2012 Recap

I started 2012 in a slightly tough situation and now finished it in a very pleasant one. I was an unemployed entrepreneur in Logan, UT who was working hard to put together a brand new event from scratch. My loving wife took one for the team and brought home the bacon and put bread on the table. Then I scored a very cool job as a park ranger in our “dream town” of Almo, ID where we lived right outside of the City or Rocks. That dream was short lived—only 1.5 months—after I landed a dream job with a dream company in SLC, UT as the communications specialist in Liberty Mountain’s marketing department.

I can now say that I am starting 2013 in a very awesome situation, especially with all the rad adventures and accomplishments during the year:
  • White Rim Trail Run – 80 miles in three days
  • Lived right outside of the City of Rocks for 1.5 months
  • Landed a dream job with Liberty Mountain
  • Reached the one-year mark of living full time in a 5th-wheel trailer
  • Pulled off a successful first year for the Idaho Mountain Festival
  • Climbed over 150 pitches
  • Watched my wife take the podium on a half marathon, 50K, and 50-mile race
Now I am sitting here thinking of all the radness that I am going experience this year. I have so much I want to do and achieve that I’m having to place some in the queue for 2014. Here are just a few of the things that will happen in 2013:
  • John Muir Trail – 200+ miles in no more than 10 days (ETA: Aug 24)
  • Buy a house in Sandy, UT (ETA: Feb 11)
  • Concentrate on exploring the bounteous climbing crags between Ogden and American Fork, with occasional trips to Idaho, southern UT, and Wyoming (All year long)
  • Redpoint my first 5.13 (ETA: ASAP)