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Inspirational Story: Jeff Lowe's first ascent of the Metanoia

I have yet to try ice climbing, let alone mixed climbing. Because of this, I have much to learn about some of the many climbing legends that have inspired the world with their accomplishments. These climbing legends teach climbers and non-climbers that in order to realize a dream, you need heart, determination, and desire.

Within the last year, I have learned a bit about Jeff Lowe. He raised the bar in the climbing industry, especially with alpine ice climbing. With 1,000 first ascents under his belt, he is a very notable climbing figure.

He is now stricken with multiple system atrophy, which ceased his climbing in 2004. But Jeff is not done giving inspiration to everyone that knows him. Lately, he's been working on the movie above that documents a good portion of his life and one of his greatest ascents -- the Metanoia route on the north face of the Eiger in Switzerland.

The trailer was enough to brighten my spirit of adventure. Watch the movie above and then check out his website. Don't let life pass you by. Pursue your dreams.