2012 Recap

I started 2012 in a slightly tough situation and now finished it in a very pleasant one. I was an unemployed entrepreneur in Logan, UT who was working hard to put together a brand new event from scratch. My loving wife took one for the team and brought home the bacon and put bread on the table. Then I scored a very cool job as a park ranger in our “dream town” of Almo, ID where we lived right outside of the City or Rocks. That dream was short lived—only 1.5 months—after I landed a dream job with a dream company in SLC, UT as the communications specialist in Liberty Mountain’s marketing department.

I can now say that I am starting 2013 in a very awesome situation, especially with all the rad adventures and accomplishments during the year:
  • White Rim Trail Run – 80 miles in three days
  • Lived right outside of the City of Rocks for 1.5 months
  • Landed a dream job with Liberty Mountain
  • Reached the one-year mark of living full time in a 5th-wheel trailer
  • Pulled off a successful first year for the Idaho Mountain Festival
  • Climbed over 150 pitches
  • Watched my wife take the podium on a half marathon, 50K, and 50-mile race
Now I am sitting here thinking of all the radness that I am going experience this year. I have so much I want to do and achieve that I’m having to place some in the queue for 2014. Here are just a few of the things that will happen in 2013:
  • John Muir Trail – 200+ miles in no more than 10 days (ETA: Aug 24)
  • Buy a house in Sandy, UT (ETA: Feb 11)
  • Concentrate on exploring the bounteous climbing crags between Ogden and American Fork, with occasional trips to Idaho, southern UT, and Wyoming (All year long)
  • Redpoint my first 5.13 (ETA: ASAP)