E10 Photo-Video-Design

Video: Rebel Yell

A few of us from work have been hitting up Big Cottonwood Canyon after work on Thursdays and getting a bunch of climbing in. I'm really enjoying that canyon. The climbing is accessible, fun, and bolted.

Michael Portanda takes a lap up Rebel Yell for the first time in Big Cottonwood Canyon, UT. This route is located on the Psycobabble Wall in the Storm Mountain Picnic area where a lot of great rock climbing exists.

Video: S.N.A.F.U.

During our 1.5 month of living in Almo, ID, I shot some video of my awesome wife, Jennilyn climbing a route called S.N.A.F.U. on the Crack House Wall in Castle Rocks State Park. I decided to use the footage to create a little promo video for the Idaho Mountain Festival, an event that Jennilyn and I created from scratch.

The City Slicker Series is a collection of climbing videos that showcase the amazing climbing found at City of Rocks National Reserve and Castle Rocks State Park in Idaho.

This video series is an Idaho Mountain Festival production, presented by Asana Climbing. The Idaho Mountain Festival is a 4-day climbing and trail running "party", held at Castle Rocks State Park, ID. For more info visit www.IdahoMountainFest.com.

Old Footage = New Video

Now that I have upgraded some software on my computer, its time to bust out some old climbing footage that I randomly shot on various climbing trips to sharpen my editing skills for better video projects in the future.

This video is of Sam Perkins on a route called Zealot in the cave at Kelly's Rock. Kelly's Rock is one of the sweet limestone walls in the Woodbury Road Crags area near Saint George, UT.

Video: Pump-O-Rama

I was fortunate to experience the overly popular climbing in Rifle, CO. The scene there was something I had never experienced before. One of the things I noticed was that everyone had their project. The climbers only talked about projecting, and the way they spoke about their current project was as if they had some type of ownership for that one narrow strip of overhanging limestone on a particular cliff. I felt like an outcast because I never did adopt my own project in Rifle. I was new there and wanted to experience each cliff and sector before I dialed into one route for the rest of my existence. Let's just say that we moved from the area before I ever really joined that scene.

Here is a quickly shot and edited video of my friend climbing one of his projects:

Josh Allison on Pump-O-Rama in the Arsenal Cave at Rifle Mountain Park, Colorado.