Days Fork Trail

Snowshoeing in Big Cottonwood Canyon

The Salt Lake valley, along with the surrounding canyons and mountains, has been getting dumped on with a ton of snow lately. This always puts me in a good mood. So I decided to take advantage of all the fresh snow by dusting off my snowshoes and taking a morning stroll in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

I originally wanted to try and hike up to Blanche Lake but was unable to even park at the trailhead. The plows had barely touched the canyon road and many of the pullouts had at least a half a foot of snow on them, making parking an issue. So I kept driving up the canyon until I found a plowed pull out. I ended up hiking around on the Days Fork Trail for an hour and was able to capture a couple cool photos.

(I captured this shot after accidentally falling over backwards after I took the photo above.)