Adventure Video

Life Should Be Lived, So Capture The Moment

This video is inspirational to me, my climbing, and my hobby of video I must share.

Why is it an inspiration? Because it talks about living your dream, and it just so happens that he is specifically talking out outdoor sports/climbing and film making. I am a rock climber. That is all I do. I've stopped snowboarding, kayaking, and backpacking so that I could spend more time advancing my abilities in climbing. My favorite hobby is film making. Yea, I like to take picture...sometimes, but I have always been known to have some type of video recorder in my hands since I was a teenager. A photo says a thousand words, but a video says even more.

Life should be lived, so capture the moment. 

You have to do the thing that makes you tick. Do it on a daily basis. Do it unapologetically. Do it with love.
— Fitz Cahall