The Jump Start

In September of 2010, Jennilyn and I decided to pack up our belonging and cram them into a storage unit. We then set off in our mini-van crammed pack full of our family of four and enough supplies, equipment, and toys to keep us busy for 2.5 months. Without a home, we lived out of our minivan and tent. The only plans that we had were to rock climb everyday at some of our favorite rock climbing areas in the western states.

Together as a family, we lived a dream. We cut the cords that keep us bound to everyday conventional life and experienced life the way it should be lived.

Basecamp Locations:

The following are the locations where we lived for the 2 month we were homeless.

Sept 17, 2010 - Left Roy, UT

Sept 17-19, 2010 - Pocatello, ID (Pocatello Pump in Ross Park)

Sept 19-Oct 3, 2010 - City of Rocks, Almo, ID (Lots of granite climbing)

Oct 3-06, 2010 - Boise, ID (Visiting family)

Oct 6-08/2010 - Logan, UT (Visiting family)

Oct 8-09/2010 - Kaysville, UT (Visiting family)

Oct 9-13/2010 - Indian Creek/Moab, UT (Desert crack climbing)

Oct 13-17/2010 - St George, UT (Sandstone sport climbing)

Oct 17-26/2010 - Woodbury Road Crags/St George, UT (Sharp and steep limestone climbing)

Oct 26-27, 2010 - Las Vegas, NV (Show the boys the cool sights)

Oct 27-Nov 2, 2010 - Upland, CA (Halloween, mt biking, and visiting family)

Nov 2-9, 2010 - Joshua Tree National Park, CA (Granite trad climbing)

Nov 9-15, 2010 - Upland, CA (File police report and start looking for jobs)

Nov 15-16, 2010 - St George, UT (Crash at a good friend's house for the night)

Nov 16-17, 2010 - Kaysville, UT (Job interview at Deer Valley Resort and visit storage unit to switch out warm weather clothes for cold weather clothes)

Nov 17-19, 2010 - Glenwood Springs, CO (job interviews at Aspen Ski Resort)

Nov 19-20, 2010 - Kaysville, UT (visit family on the way to Logan and Idaho)

Nov 20-22, 2010 - Logan, UT (visiting family)

Nov 22-27, 2010 - Rexburg, ID (Thanksgiving with family)

Nov 27-29, 2010 - Kaysville, UT (load up storage unit into moving truck)

Nov 29, 2010 - Settled down in Glenwood Springs, CO