Havasupai Travel Tips

Hiking into Havasupai is around 10 miles. Choosing the perfect campsite for your three-night stay is one of the hardest tasks because you don't know if there is something better further down. Here are some tips for the hike in and choosing a campsite.

Exploring Fifty-Foot Falls, Little Navajo Falls, and Havasu Falls can take up most of the day down in Havasupai. Here are some tips on how to access and have fun down at the waterfalls.

The sketchy trek down to Mooney Falls is amazing and the longer hike to beaver falls is totally worth it. Here are some tips for accessing to of the most popular waterfalls in Havasupai.

Hiking out of Havasupai can take 6-8 hours. The worst part is going up the switch backs at the very end. Here are on general tips on how to make your backpacking trip a successful one.