Dropping Cliffs


I headed up to Driggs, ID with my buddy Ken and met up with Jedd, Brad, Sven, and Cramer for a weekend of snowboarding and a wicked game of hockey. On the first day, we headed up to Jackson Pass and hiked up to the top of Mt Glory (over 10,000 ft elevation) for some fresh powder on mellow terrain and an awesome session on a small band of cliffs.

Stay tuned for the stories of the second day that involves snowboards and snow machines and our gnarly game of hockey.

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The gloves you see me wearing in the video are the Outdoor Designs Denali Worker glove. They were perfect for this style of snowboarding. I just need to waterproof the leather and then I'll be all set. And another shout-out to Rab for making great soft-shell pants and synthetic jackets that kept me dry and warm.