The Coolest Chalk Bag For Climbing

Although there are many chalk bags on the market that have different colors, shapes, sizes and branding, they generally all function the same way. They hold your climbing chalk and they use a draw-string to prevent the chalk from spilling out.

However, the BEAL COCOON chalk bag eliminates the draw-string and utilizes the Clic-Clac closure system that allows you to open and close the bag easily with one hand.

I’ve been climbing with the COCOON for two years now and I can honestly say that I will never go back to a traditional draw-string chalk bag again.

I like how I can quickly open it and close it whenever I need…with one hand.

On my recent trip to Yosemite, I didn’t always need chalk while aid climbing on El Capitan. With the Clic-Clac closure system, I was able to keep my chalk bag closed when I didn’t need it but was able to quickly and easily pop it open with one hand for those rare moments when I needed to throw in a couple free-moves.

When I sport climb, I find myself effortlessly tapping my chalk bag closed as I lower off the anchors. Now I never accidently dump my bag of chalk out when I sit down to take off my shoes.

The Clic-Clac on the COCOON is very applicable when bouldering too. When chalking up on the ground, you can just pop it open, chalk up, pop it closed, toss it on the ground, and go climb. No more open chalk bags sitting on the ground getting kicked around and spilling out.

The rigidness of the Clic-Clac closure system, when open, provides a very wide opening for your hand. The shape and size of the COCOON allows your hand to completely dip into the bag to chalk it all up. When closed, the bag seals shut quite well, making it so that chalk isn’t leaking out into your pack.

Made with corduroy and available in various colors, the COCOON is pretty stylish. It comes with a brush sleeve, a belt, and is equipped with a carabiner hole for when you’d rather clip it to your harness.

In conclusion, the BEAL COCOON is the coolest chalk bag I’ve ever more draw strings for me.