Winter Summit - Table Mountain

Before starting my bi-annual stint of working 19 days straight, I told my wife that I needed to get out of town and do something fun. Due to some Sunday obligations, I only had Saturday to play and I had to make it count.

I raced up to my old stomping grounds, Driggs, Idaho, to play in the Tetons with my friends, Brad Burton and Sven Taow. When I got into town, Sven suggested that we summit Table Mountain (11,106').

So we loaded up our snowshoes, snowboards, skis, and snow machine and set out to have some fun. Due to unplowed roads, we had to use a snow machine to access the trailhead. Two of us sat on the machine while the other two were towed behind on our snowboards.

Once we reached the trailhead, the real adventure began. We followed the communal ski tracks up the face trail, taking 4-5 hours to summit. Along the way, the sun would peak out of the clouds and presented us with some amazing light and shadow scenes on the surrounding mountains.

On the summit, we shared high-fives, took photos, and ate come celebratory cookies. As much as we enjoyed the summit, we were anxious to strap into our boards and skis to sample the untouched snow we came to claim.

The decent only took 30 minutes, and we cherished each minute of it. The terrain was easy and moderate, allowing us to enjoy the scenery and snow. At one point, the sun popped out just enough, causing the snow to sparkle in front of us as we carved through it with grins on our faces.