Turn It Off: Cigarette Butts

If I had a magic on-and-off-switch that allowed me to “turn off” certain things—putting an end to the ridiculousness—here is what I’d turn off:

Cigarette Butts – I don’t know what it is about smokers, but they have this subconscious assumption that cigarette butts are biodegradable. NEWS FLASH…THEY’RE NOT!! And even if they were, throwing them out your car window wouldn’t help. Oh, I’m done sucking the life out of that stick. Guess I’ll just toss the leftovers out my car window…on pavement…where there aren't any biological elements to break it down. Where is the logic? What? You don’t want that stinky piece of trash littering your nice looking car? Your car already smells like throat cancer. Deal with the trash in your own domain and stop putting it in mine.

If you choose to smoke, do it responsibly. The filters in cigarettes are made of a type of plastic and we all know that plastic takes forever to naturally breakdown. After you flick them, your cigarette butt just sits there, looking ugly and trashy. Sometimes birds, rodents, and marine animals will eat them. Your lazy habit of not throwing away your own trash is making our world a worse place.

I once stopped an old lady after she tossed her cigarette on the grown and stepped on it. We were right next to a trash can. I picked up her cig and said, "Excuse me ma'am, you dropped this. Oh, and by the way, there is a trash can right there. Please don't litter." She looked bewildered. She had nothing intelligent to say other than, "Oh, I guess I didn't see it." Yea right you didn't see it.