The Chalk Pot: Weekly Top Videos - 1/14/13

For a year and a half now, I've played around with a social media platform called The Chalk Pot where I post links to cool climbing videos, and sometimes blog posts, on Facebook and Google+. I've been tempted to create a website/blog for it, but I just can't justify managing another blog solely for that reason yet. So I'm going to use my personal blog as a testing-ground for what would go on a stand-alone site for The Chalk Pot. If it looks like these The Chalk Pot posts get a lot of views and comments, then I'll go ahead and transition into a site. 

This week's top videos come from Joe Kinder, Bear Cam Media, and LT11. The first video features Joe Kinder and Chris Sharma as they play on the steep limestone cliffs in Spain. Then we head to Colorado with the next video where Daniel Woods snags the 3rd ascent of a proud line in the Flatirons. Last but not least, we have an awesome video of Ben Spannuth doing some hard stuff in the New River Gorge. Pop some popcorn and enjoy!

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