This Year's Climbing Shoes

Climbing shoes can be a game changer. Pick wisely...if you care.

Thanks to La Sportiva and REI, I just scored the La Sportiva TC Pro and Solution.

I used to be a big fan of 5.10 shoes. Still am. However, as of last year, I ventured into the world of La Sportiva and have loved it. I've been climbing in the Miura VS. What a great shoe. But now I am sinking my feet into these brand spanking new kicks.

Every since I first set eyes on the TC Pro, I fell in love. It's a sexy trad shoe. I can't wait to take them up some multi-pitch awesomeness this summer. These are definitely are going to see a lot of action as I live at the City of Rocks this whole summer.

I do admit though, ever since the Solutions came out, I stayed far away from them. I have a problem with things that become over-popular. And these shoes, for many good reasons became overly-popular. But I decided to give them a chance this year as my aggressive shoe. My goal this year is to breach the 5.13 barrier of mine and I hope these shoes will assist.