Minha Casinha

Ever since I started college, I desired to become a hermit and live in a small cabin in the nook of a mountainous canyon. The thing was, I pictured myself doing this after my loved ones had passed away and I was at least retired.

It wasn't until Sept of 2010 when I decided that I could at least live a portion of that dream now and not have to wait. It was then that my family decided to be homeless for 2.5 months and live out of our van...with everything else that we owned stashed in some storage unit.

After that trip, we lived in two different apartments, trying to adapt back to the conventional way of life. Even though we lived in an apartment above the garage of a beautiful cabin in the Aspen, CO region, we still longed to have our home on top of a set of wheel and have it take us where we desired to go.

We wanted to be able to live where we wanted, when we wanted...without the need to rent a moving truck and haul all the furniture in and out. So that is when we sold all of our furniture, reduced the amount of large personal items, and bought us a Ford F-350 Diesel and a 31' 5th-wheel travel trailer.

We are now full-time boondockers. As much as we wanted to live in other types of mobile-homes (Sheepwagons and vans), we thought we would start this new style of life with a very comfortable set-up that makes living in a trailer with two young boys more comfortable.

This trailer rocks. It is a 2-bedroom and 2-bathroom trailer with three slide-outs. And the best thing about it is that you feel like you are in a small apartment or a hotel room when inside. This thing doesn't have the nasty old-man upholstery and wall paper that most trailers have for some reason.

The first thing you see when you walk in the door. Living Room. Dining Room. Kitchen.

This view is from the Dining Table, looking into the Kitchen and the Living Room.

2nd Bedroom...The Boys Room. Bunk beds are a must.

Inside the Boys Room.

Inside the boys room, looking at the 2nd Bathroom door.

The 2nd Bathroom, attached to the Boys Room.

The main Bathroom, attached to the Master Bedroom.

Another view of the main Bathroom.

The Master Bedroom.

The rest of the Master Bedroom.

Isn't it cool? I definitely recommend throwing away the big house and the furniture.