Indian Creek

There is something about the southeast Utah desert. Something I can't explain. But I know that it beckons me.

I grew up in New York and Idaho. These areas both built inside of me the love for trees, rivers, mountains, and wildlife. When I met my wife, she always expressed her love for the deserts. The red sand, solitude, and artistic rock formations. Having so much in common, I saw that our love for different landscapes was the opposite factor that attracted us together.

After almost six years of marriage, I have ventured off into the deserts, mostly in Utah, with my wife on many occasions. I now see what draws her to a place that I once thought was full of dryness, death, and heat. Though the desert will never beat the mountains in my heart, I now crave that desert for its magnificent vistas, stupendous crack climbing, and its comfortable temperatures and sunshine when everywhere else is too cold to do anything.

This last spring, we took advantage of living only 3.5 hours from Moab, UT, giving us prime access to Indian Creek. Indian Creek is a land of sandstone buttresses, one right after the other, with inspiring splitter cracks with short approaches and bolted anchors. In March we spent a couple days here with a friend, Jason Flaster, that flew in from New York. Then in April, Jennilyn surprised me with a secret Creek Trip for my 28th birthday. 

Now that the temps are higher than 100 degrees in this land of climbing paradise, we are anxiously waiting for fall to arrive for more desert action.

Indy (5) and Fisher (3) love going on adventures with Mom and Dad. Indy has proven that he can hike any approach at Indian Creek by himself.

Indiana Eaton (5) getting ready to climb at Indian Creek.

This kid progresses every time he put on his harness.

View of Battle of the Bulge Buttress, from the Super-crack Buttress.

The Eaton Family in Indian Creek, UT

Canyonlands NP, UT

Canyonlands NP, UT

Canyonlands NP, UT

We call this set up "Home" more than we say it about our apartment.

Jennilyn Eaton testing out Puma at Indian Creek
Photo by Ben Eaton

A classic view of Indian Creek.

Ben Eaton chugging the chimney section of a 5.11 route on the Cat Wall
Photo by Jennilyn Eaton

Jason Flaster leading up Railroad Tracks on the Battle of the Bulge Buttress in Indian Creek
Photo by Ben Eaton

Fisher Eaton (3) trying to hold his patience as the rest of us climb.