Can the homeless celebrate holidays?

Are your boys going to be able to get all dressed up in costumes and go Trick or Treating? Of course they will. Even better, Mommy and Daddy are going to dress us in real costumes as well and we’ll attend 3 Halloween parties as a family and take the boys trick or treating door to door for the first time.

Indiana was Spiderman with bulging cotton-muscles. Fisher was Sulley, the blue monster from Monsters, Inc. Jennilyn was Minnie Mouse. I was Jack Skelington.

We got to experience Halloween the way the Farnsworths do in So Cal. Doug and Shauna Farnsworth (Jennilyn’s sister) changed our recipe for Halloween. Instead of it being a one day holiday, it goes on for a whole week. Believe it or not, we had to take a rest day from all the day to day festivities.

We started it off with the Farsworth Family Halloween shindig. They hosted a party at their house and invited tons of friends. Carmel apples, popcorn, hot chocolate, a movie projected on the side of the house, a spook alley, and much more.

The next night was enjoying a Halloween carnival at Jennilyn’s old elementary school. The boys were able to enjoy a lot of game while they won pieces of candy.

After taking a rest day, we attended the truck or treat party at the local LDS church. Fisher quickly took onto the whole idea of going around and asking people to give him candy. Indy felt independent because we let him go off on his own with is cousin Chloe.

The last night of fun was taking our kids, for the first time, trick or treating door to door. (We’ve always got caught up in only going only to the local trunk or treats each year.) Indy loved it. We felt like a big kid running from one door to the other. By the time us parents got to the door of the house to allow Fisher to get any candy, Indy and his cousin were already booking it to the next house.