Opposite Ends of the Spectrum

I am currently sitting in our hotel room at the Circus Circus Hotel/Casino in Las Vegan, NV. For $26 we get to sleep in bed for one night, shower, look in a mirror, watch TV, flush our human waste, control the temperature, access to the internet, dip in the pool, watch free circus acts, and more. Granted, we could have just camped this night for free...but this is well worth it.

We've had to purchase showers when we camped at the City of Rocks for two weeks. I handed over $9 for all four of us to take a hot shower. We've also had to pay $13 a night to camp at the City of Rocks. During our stay in southwest Utah from Oct 17 till Oct 26, we've been camping for free, digging our own poop-holes, and dodging the rain. It's nice to treat yourself to the comforts of life every so often. So yes, a $26 room at Circus Circus is definitely a treat.


We are on our way to Upland, CA to party hard for Halloween. We wanted to let our boys have a little fun and see some of the rad sights here in Las Vegas. We checked into our hotel, and then took them to see the M&M World.

Before we could do anything, we had to take our bikes off our the roof of our van to be able to fit in any of the parking garages. With our bikes on our van, we are just past 9 feet high. These parking garages have a clearance of 7 to 8 feet.

Indy and Fisher experienced culture shock. They went from one whole week of very primitive camping. Indy learned to dig a whole, poop in it, and cover it up this week. The only walls the boys saw were the walls of the tent or the rock walls that we climbed. The only electronic lights that they experienced was the third-eye that glowed on our foreheads when it was night-time (headlamps). They went from all that to big signs, lots of cars, plenty of people, flashing lights, chimes and jingles, and huge buildings. They were so excited. Their faces glowed like they had landed on an alien planet. Fisher didn't walk, we danced down the sidewalk. Indy made sure we knew about everything that he saw. "Hey daddy...I see this." "Hey mommy...I see that." The boys were in heaven. They must have forgotten what city life was like.

Tomorrow, we'll let the boys check out the free circus acts here in our hotel and then we'll wander along the strip before it's time to jump back in our van to head south to California.