One Month and Counting

Well, we've been on the road for one month and 3 days now. It has been so great. We've been climbing a lot of fun and hard stuff. The boys have been enjoying themselves and learning a lot of new knowledge and skills.

After we spent a week visiting Jennilyn's family in Boise, Logan, and Kaysville, we headed south of Moab, UT to Indian Creek. Indian Creek (IC) is a heaven of beautiful sandstone splitter cracks. We hoped to live there for two weeks, but a 5 month old sprained ankle and a "flapper" on the palm of the hand inspired us to leave after 3 nights. Yea, we could have tried to wait it out and climb more, but we didn't want to leave IC because we were bored and forced not to climb. So we decided to call it while we were ahead and still liking our stay there. So we packed up and headed down to St. George, UT.

Our awesome friends, Mary and B-rad, let us stay at their place for 3 nights while we climbed at Turtle Wall and Prophecy Wall. Now we have basecamp set up at the base of the Woodbury Road Crags. (25 miles southwest of St George) These crags are sharp limestone that is either wicked slabby or nicely overhung. It is so nice to be on some sick sport climbs on some hard and dependable rock. I love sandstone, but it keeps my feathers all ruffled because of how unpredictable it is.

One awesome addition to our homeless family is Sam Perkins. Sam came all the way down from Rexburg, ID to stay a whole week with us in the St. George area. Climbing in general as a threesome is usually not preferred, it's too slow and someone is always doing nothing. However, the threesome method with kids is so nice. It allows for better climbing since there is always a supervisor over the boys.  Also, climbing with Sam is always a blast. "Radsauce!" "Funky-Rad!" These are a few of the moral-boosters heard when climbing with this maturing man. I've also liked having Sam here because now I get to experience more of the luxury of lead climbing with pre-hung quickdraws. I really like that commodity.

At the end of every day, this boy's face looks like this.

Fisher is starting to hike by himself. He just needed his own backpack.

Jennilyn hiking up a beautiful route in Mill Creek. (Moab, UT)

Indy about to flash the scramble inside the cave at Turtle Wall. (Moab, UT)

Indy topping out.

Fisher doesn't like it when daddy tries to stuff him in small caves.

Meet Veronica. She is our babysitter.

Our home in Indian Creek. (Moab, UT)

Basecamp in Indian Creek.

Sam Perkins- working the crux on Zealot - 5.12c. (Kelly's Rock at Woodbury Road Crags)

Sam Perkins...Rad-Sauce!

Ben Eaton below the crux on Zealot - 5.12c. (Kelly's Rock at Woodbury Road Crags)