The Start of a Dream

I am homeless.

That is what society calls it when you choose to leave your job and put all your belongings in a storage unit to live in your van for 4 months.

“Today is the beginning of your life.” – Ryan Christiansen

Today, September 17, 2010, is the beginning of a dream. My family will embark on an epic journey of rock climbing and camping in our 2005 Toyota Sienna. All of our possessions have been sold, given away, and stored in a storage unit. Everything we plan to use during the trip is crammed into our slightly modified minivan.

I have waved goodbye to a great job as a race director for the Ragnar Relay Series. Although I am sad to leave such a great job and coworkers, I am stoked to experience the life as a full-time husband, dad and rock climber. Unemployment is a key ingredient for this journey. After saving up for a trip like this, our family will be able to enjoy each other and the areas we journey to without the distractions of an eight to five work schedule.

Once we turn in the key to our apartment in Roy, UT tonight, we will set up base-camp for the weekend in Pocatello, ID for the Pocatello Pump Climbing Competition. From there we will live at least a week respectively in the following climbing areas: City of Rocks, Moab/Indian Creek, St George, Red Rocks, and Joshua Tree.

We look forward to meeting up with family and friends as we pass through these areas. This adventure is not to seclude ourselves from society but to live and share our experiences with everyone. New people will also cross our paths and their stories will always be invited to be told around our campfire.

Our goal is to finish out the year doing things we love to do with no distractions or schedules. Choosing to live is better than choosing to only dream.

Stay tuned for some epic tales of adventures, hardships, and fun.