Stupid things we say in junior school

Sometimes we think we are being funny or smart with some of the things that we said in Junior High. Today I was reminded of a time I blurted something out in Junior High and have since been haunted by it.

I was in math class and we were doing story problems. The teacher read aloud one of the problems...and that is when I opened my mouth.

Teacher: "If you have a bathroom that is 5 feet by 7 feet, how much carpet do you need to cover the whole floor?"

Ben: "Why would anyone be dumb enough to put carpet in their bathroom?"

Teacher: "What's wrong with putting carpet in your bathroom?"

Ben: "Well, if you accidentally pee on it, it will get gross and is hard to clean up."

At that moment I thought my classmates were going to back me up and I'd hear a bunch of "yea"..."yea"..."good point."

I didn't get any of that. I just got a whole class of junior high kids and my teacher looking at me like I was an idiot.

Why didn't I just say that if the bathtub overflowed the carpet would be ruined?