Now you see it...Now you don't.

As a kid, everything is magic.

I always wanted magic trick sets or prank sets when I was a kid. My father loved magic and would entertain our family of seven kids with the talking hankie or the flame throwing paper match. One of the best tricks that he did was the "secret message".

My father, Anthony Eaton, would pull out a piece of scrap paper from his pocket and call one of us to tell him a secret in his ear. He would then write the secret on the piece of paper; not letting anyone see what he wrote. He then placed a match under the note and in a half-second flash the paper was gone; never to be seen again.
I always loved that trick, because it would surprise me every time. The paper would be consumed quicker than fire normally burns paper. It was awesome.

Because of my Dad, I liked and still like to watch things disappear. When living in Saratoga Springs, New York, our house had a random bucket of tar sitting to the side of the house. Every day, my brothers, friends and I would approach the bucket with an object; sometimes is was a rock and other days it was a toy.
The cool thing about this bucket was you could place the item on the tar and it would just sit there. So we would leave and come back to find the item gone. Sometimes we would come back to soon to see Luke Skywalker half way submerged in the tar. It was like quicksand but black and glossy.
If anyone wants to find some collectables or antiques, you could probably find them in that cold bucket of tar. I always had the desire to dip my hand in that bucket and see what I could grab and pull out.