Stuck in the Blizzard

Last night, Dec. 22, I was enjoying an evening with my family over at my parents house. All the grandkids sat at the kitchen table and cut out sugar cookies. They were so dedicated to the cutting out of the cookies that they didn't realize that we, the adults kept eating the cookies as they came out of the oven. They had no clue.
We had a fun night at my parents house playing games and hanging out. No one was rushed to get home, because of the crazy snowstorm that kept us inside. The wind was blowing the snow everywhere. The roads were covered and driving didn't seem to be an option at the time. We shut off all the lights in the house and watched the snow dance under that street lamps.
It reminded me of one Christmas Eve when a storm hit and good old "West 1000 South" got totally covered by the snow drifts. Seeing how it was Christmas eve, many people were still on the roads trying to get home; This left many people stranded on our road as they were held captive by the snow drifts.
We spent the good part of our Christmas eve night, not eating homemade pizza, but digging people out of the snow on the road. My two sisters had invited their boyfriends over for the festivities and they were practically stuck at our house. Their parents called and threatened us to get their sons home, because it was their last holiday before going on their missions for the LDS church.
I will never forget that year, I spent my Christmas eve out in the middle of the road playing in the snow and serving others.